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Introducing a whole new kind of drum wrap designed to dramatically change the look of your old or new drum kit!

DRUMWRAPS BY LUMIGRAF are definitely not your run-of-the-mill “pearl”, “sparkle” or “glitter” wraps (although we do like those too), these wraps are EFFECTS rich. That means that within a thin sheet of DURABLE, FLEXIBLE AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL, we are able to create rich, deep and mind blowing effects on a product that is EASY TO INSTALL and truly revolutionary.

Check out our newly unleashed GALVANIZED (Sheet Metal Effects) series, our amazing REFLEXIONS (3D Light Optimizers) series and our revolutionary RAINBOW (Light Spectrum Effects) series. These new drum wraps are guaranteed to make you say WOW!



Our Wraps in Action

Ringo Starr Moonstruck Silver Wrap

Wild Mick Brown Inferno Blue Wrap

Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) Electric Red/Gold!

Ringo & Richard Page Cracked Ice Silver Wrap