MIND BENDING, LIGHT OPTIMIZING 3D EFFECTS. This lineup of wraps will bring your drum kit into another dimension. With very little front lighting, these wraps will make your kit SHINE, REFLECT AND APPEAR TO BE MILES DEEP.

Trust us, your drum kit will seem like it took on a life of it’s own!

burl amber Burl Navy Burl Burgundy Burl Gold Burl Silver Burl Amethyst
burl amber Navy Burgundy Gold Silver Amethyst
Buzzing Flames Red Gold Buzzing Flames Blue/Gold Buzzing Flames Red/Gold Buzzing Flames Gold Buzzing Flames Green Buzzing Flames Amethyst/Gold
buzzing flames red Gold blue/Gold Red gold* gold green amethyst Gold
Cracked Ice Silver Cracked Ice Blue Cracked Ice Red Gold Cracked Ice Blue Gold Cracked Ice Green Cracked Ice Amethyst
cracked ice silver Blue red Gold Blue Gold Green Amethyst
Alchemy Silver/Gold Alchemy Blue/Gold Alchemy Burgundy/Gold Alchemy Silver/Gold Alchemy Green/Blue Alchemy Silver/Red
alchemy silver gold blue Gold Red gold Silver gold* Blue Green Red silver
Damas Crimson Wrap Damas Blue Damas Crimson Damas Amethyst
Damas Crimson Blue Crimson* Amethyst
Figueras Gold Wrap Figueras Blue Figueras Red Figueras Blue Red Figueras Green Figueras Amethyst
Figueras Blue Red Blue red Green Amethyst
Strata Red Gold Strata Blue Strata Red/Gold Strata Gold Strata Silver Strata Amethyst
Strata Red Gold Blue Red Gold* Gold Silver Amethyst
Bubbles Copper Bubbles Silver Bubbles Copper
bubbles copper bubbles silver Bubbles Copper*
Echo Beach Red Gold Echo Beach Blue/Gold Echo Beach Red/Gold Echo Beach Red/Orange/Silver Echo Beach Turquoise Echo Beach Amethyst/Gold
echo beach red gold blue gold red gold* Red Orange Silver turquoise Amethyst Gold
Girona Gold girona blue girona red girona blue gold girona green girona amethyst
girona gold blue Red blue gold green amethyst
Gold Mine Blue Wrap Gold Mine Blue Gold Gold Mine Red Gold Mine Gold Gold Mine Green Gold Mine Amethyst
gold mine blue blue gold red gold green Amethyst
Mercury Gold Mercury Blue/Silver Mercury Red/Gold Mercury Gold Mercury Green Silver Mercury Red/Silver
mercury gold Blue Silver Red Gold Gold* Green Silver Red Silver
Monarch Red/Gold Monarch Blue Monarch Red/Gold
monarch red gold blue Red Gold*
Moonstruck Silver Moonstruck Silver Moonstruck Amethyst/Red
moonstruck silver Silver* amethyst red
Space Odyssey Silver Space Odyssey Blue Space Odyssey Space Odyssey Red Gold Space Odyssey Blue/Green Space Odyssey Silver
Space odyssey silver Blue Red Blue Red Gold Blue Green Silver*
Inferno Red Gold Inferno Blue/Gold Inferno Gold Inferno Red/Gold Inferno Amethyst/Gold
Inferno Gold Blue Gold Red Gold* Red Gold Amethyst Gold
Vortex Black/Gold Vortex Blue Vortex Red/Gold Vortex Black/Gold Vortex Silver Vortex Blue/Gold
Vortex Black Gold Blue Red Gold Black Gold* Silver Blue Gold
Magma Blue/Yellow Magma Blue Magma Red Magma Yellow Magma Silver Magma Blue/Yellow
Magma Blue Yellow Blue Red Yellow Silver Blue Yellow*
Psychedelic Zebra Psychedelic Zebra Blue Psychedelic Zebra Red Psychedelic Zebra Yellow Psychedelic Zebra Green Psychedelic Zebra Fuschia
Psychedelic Zebra Silver Blue Red Gold Green Fuschia
Alphabeat Silver Alphabeat Blue Alphabeat Blue/Gold Alphabeat Silver/Blue Alphabeat Amethyst
Alphabeat Silver Blue Blue red Blue Gold Silver Blue Amethyst
sea shadow turquoise Sea Shadow Blue/Gold Sea Shadow Blue/Red Sea Shadow Red/Gold Sea Shadow Turquoise Sea Shadow Amethyst/Gold
sea shadow turquoise Blue Gold blue Red red Gold Turquosie* amethyst gold
Manhattan Gold Manhattan Blue Manhattan Ochre Manhattan Turquoise Manhattan Green Manhattan Amethyst
Mahattan Gold Blue Ochre Turquoise Green Amethyst
Electric Red Gold Electric Blue/Gold Electric Red Electric Amethyst/Gold Green Electric Amethyst
electric red Gold Blue Gold Red Amethyst Gold Green Amethyst
Seagull Silver Blue Red Gold Green Amethyst
Stargazer B/W Stargazer Blue Stargazer Red Stargazer Gold Stargazer Green Stargazer Amethyst
Stargazer Black & White Blue Red Gold Green Amethyst
Honeybee Green Honeybee Blue HoneyBee Red Honeybee Gold Honeybee Turquoise Honeybee Amethyst
Honeybee Green Blue Red Gold Turquoise Amethyst
Zulu Silver Blue Red Gold Green Burgundy Gold
Ember Turquoise Ember Blue Ember Red Ember Gold Ember Green Ember Amethyst
Ember Turquoise Blue Red Gold Green Amethyst
Terrapin Black/Gold Terrapin Blue/Gold Terrapin Red/Gold Terrapin Turquoise/Gold Terrapin Green/Gold Terrapin Amethyst
Terrapin Black Gold Blue Gold Red Gold Turquoise Gold Green Gold Amethyst
Metallic Tartan Multi Metallic Tartan Blue Metallic Tartan Copper Metallic Tartan Blue/Gold Metallic Tartan Silver Metallic Tartan Amethyst
Metallic Tartan Multi Blue Copper Blue/Gold Silver Amethyst
Starfield Silver Blue Multi
Starfield Cubes Gold
Starfield Cubes Gold